Our Response to Recent Events

We want to extend our condolences to the family of George Floyd, and all the citizens and neighbors of color who have experienced systemic racism and injustice. We stand for equal justice and peace, and we mourn for the many who lost their lives to violence of any kind, but especially violence associated with the color of their skin. We will continue advocating for our fellow citizens through our mission of increasing literacy, equality, and understanding for all.  

The peaceful protest in Cleveland that addressed our disgust and intolerance of the senseless killing of George Floyd and the profound hurt and ignored pain of African American citizens was overshadowed by a group with different agendas and motives.  We must not let the violence speak louder than the message to stop institutional racism. We do not condone violence of any kind and are saddened for those hurt both emotionally and physically. 

We want to express our empathy to business owners in Cleveland who were adversely affected by the violence that took place Saturday night. We applaud all the volunteers who immediately came out to help clean up the city and to spread peace. You are an example of the good in humanity and reinforced the need to work together as one to begin to heal. Thank you! 

We support the right to protest to raise public awareness and create change.  We commend and recognize all who speak up for equal treatment of all people. We encourage you to continue to have your voices heard through the power of voting. 

Our staff will continue to promote literacy, equality, and understanding through our work.