• End Low Literacy

Low literacy continues to be a pervasive issue throughout Greater Cleveland. It’s an issue that not only affects individuals, it affects families, the workforce, and the health of our economy. And if it isn’t addressed by the community, it will continue to be a debilitating problem for generations to come. Today, 435,000 Cuyahoga County adults read at or below a 7th-grade level; 66% of Cleveland residents are lowliterate; 61% of Cleveland children begin kindergarten not on track.  

We all deserve the best chance at a good life.

Imagine, for a moment, you are struggling with literacy. You can’t complete a job application, read a bus map, or read a book to your child. Now think about your kids falling behind, too. Your low literacy will affect their schoolwork, their self-esteem, and their future.

Too many of our neighbors are at a tremendous disadvantage. They deserve better. They deserve our help.

The future promises even more. Your gift supports:  

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Every month a child receives a brand-new age-appropriate book in the mail from birth to 5 years old. Those who sign up, receive up to 60 books in all, so they can start a library of their very own. 

2Gen Community. A family-centered, highly positive service delivery mechanism that seeks to reorder traditional ways that programs serve families. It addresses some of the common issues faced by early education, adult literacy, and workforce development programs and the clients they serve.

Career Pathway Engagement. Opening doors to employment for low literate adults by working with adult education and workforce development providers to link industry-specific math and reading sessions with occupational training programs. 

Professional Excellence.Connecting educators to a learning community to promote best practices designed to advance literacy. 

Public Education & Advocacy Seeking to bring broad attention to issues of access, quality and learner progression and transitions.

Let’s address low literacy, together.

The Literacy Cooperative is an umbrella organization that brings foundations, organizations, and people together to find practical solutions to improve literacy. We are mobilizing Northeast Ohio resources to increase reading, math, and digital literacy, beginning at birth, so our kids are performing at grade level throughout their educational journey. 

The Literacy Cooperative shares research and introduces best practices and pilots that are innovative, interactive, and effective. Your gift supports the coordination and facilitation of adult literacy initiatives that are creating pathways to rewarding and life-sustaining careers.  TLC supports the coordination and facilitation of adult literacy initiatives that are creating pathways to rewarding and life-sustaining careers.