Welcome to the Adult Literacy Program Self-Assessment Tool (PSAT) is discontinued at this time.


Self-Assessment Summary page sampleThe PSAT is designed to help adult literacy providers evaluate their program practices against evidence-based practices. It can help in determining program strengths and weaknesses and also help direct program improvement efforts. Providers can also use the tool to evaluate their work and report back to funders on progress, successes and challenges.

To track improvement over time, the PSAT can be administered bi-annually, yearly or as deemed necessary by the organization. Programs could also administer the tool to a variety of internal stakeholders (administrators, instructors, learners) in order to measure and compare internal perception of quality among an agency's internal stakeholders. This tool is intended as an organizational self-assessment instrument and is not intended for individual assessments.

Successful learner outcomes begin with quality programs that incorporate evidence-based and learner-centered practices in the delivery of instruction.