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Did you know that an additional year of average total schooling among employees will lead to an 8.5% increase in productivity in manufacturing and a 12.7% increase in other sectors?  (Skills2Compete Vision Works for America.)

To increase literacy skills in Greater Cleveland, we're committed to promoting the development of high-quality programs in non-traditional settings, such as in the workplace or other real-life situations. As an employer, investing in your employees' literacy skills is a cost-effective way to increase competitiveness, productivity and retention of employees.

Equally important, you have the opportunity to create a stronger economy in Greater Cleveland. It's becoming increasingly important to have a workforce with the appropriate skills and levels of literacy to climb the career ladder. This transitions entry-level workers to new opportunities and creates opportunities for new employees. This mobility is beneficial to your company and the local economy.


To help organizations explore opportunities associated with starting a workplace literacy program, the Workplace Literacy Guide was developed by ProLiteracy. For more in formation, you may also visit


Learn about practices and procedures used in a variety of workplace literacy programs and how to adapt them to fit the needs of your organization and community.

If you would like help promote literacy skills in your business and help creating a more literate workforce, contact The Literacy Cooperative at 216.776.6180.


Nationally, low literacy skills cost businesses 
and taxpayers 20 billion in lost wages, profits and productivity annually. Low literacy 
impedes economic success, reduces productivity, and greatly increases costs to society.  
Literacy is a key determinant of whether an individual can gain employment, retail employment, 
and improve her/his employment status.